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Personal communication

We build and maintain clear and open channels for communication to make sure critical information is delivered reliably and efficiently between artist and company Administrators. As straightforward information is crucial for both sides, all Help Desk communication is documented and delivered in a transparent process that can be referred to later by either one, thus ensuring accountability.


We continually develop as artists.... as does your CV. Within "My Pages" you can readily update and maintain your applicant profile and application media. Our end-to-end databases allow our clients to view whatever up to date information and experience you choose to re-present you.
Also, check the status of auditions you've applied for as well as scheduling information.

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Audition remotely

Identifying the geographical locations where numerous applicants reside, we plan future auditions in these areas to alleviate the burdensome cost of traveling to audition. We are committed to bringing our clients' Artistic Administration abroad to major cities around the globe. We aim to utilize technology that allows for remote audition viewing and pre-screening of talent. This pre-screening will help determine if a more thorough audition should take place on-site where the company resides. Also, By having us complete a local pre-screened assessment audition and a Stage Axis verified video on you, companies need only check your availability on your "My Pages" and you could be asked to fill in for needed limited engagements.


We arrange headhunting services for our clients. For instance, when companies are seeking to fulfill limited engagement contracts or need to quickly find a replacement due to injury.

Our clients...

Royal Swedish Ballet

The Royal Swedish Ballet, one of the oldest ballet companies in the world, has a strong foundation in the classical repertoire as well as a capacity for and curiosity in contemporary dance. With a repertoire including ballets by some of the world’s most renowned choreographers they actively commission works by, among others, Swedish choreographers such as Mats Ek, Örjan Andersson, Johan Inger, Pontus Lidberg and Alexander Ekman.


Cullbergbaletten is the leading repertoire company for contemporary dance in Sweden. The company is an important contributor to the international presentation of dance and choreography with tours all over the world. Cullbergbaletten works with a range of international choreographers and artists. The company currently has 16 dancers from nearly as many countries, and guest dancers are continuously invited to various projects. Since its inception the individual quality of each dancer has been Cullbergbaletten’s defining characteristic.

Staatsbalett Berlin (Next Year)

The Berlin State Ballet is the principal ballet company in the German capital of Berlin. It was created in 2004 through a merger of the separate ballet companies of the city's three opera houses. It is one of the largest ballet companies in Western Europe with approximately 90 dancers.