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Our clients are not currently receiving audition applications at this time.

There are times when companies seek replacement dancers and use us in this capacity. 
We are committed to seeking employment opportunities for both client and applicant. Please leave an application if you are interested in working with our clients in the future. They will be notified of all incoming applications.

Please do not message company seeking information about this application. You will be notified in the event you are requested to be included in any audition or replacement role. 


Once you have completed the application form, this information will be uploaded into the the Stage Axis database for review. Your registered Stage Axis Applicant profile containing your CV and media will be available for you to edit and update at any time.

This allows directors and company administrators access to up-to-date information about you in their company database.

Please be sure to include recently filmed video and photos that accurately represent you and your current ability. It is strongly suggested you include video.

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