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We are always looking for opportunities to help intersect both client and artist. 

Often times companies will seek out replacements for limited and short-term contracts due to injury. The upshot in any such sityuation is that it can allow the artist to get their foot in the door (pardon the pun) and build up relations with these artistic administrations.

In addition to recruitment, we have also cast performance artists in various "gig" based roles for freelance choreographers, production companies, theaters and media agencies. 

If any of that seems like a fit for you we welcome you to create an Applicant Profile and join our select database. Keep in mind that even though our clients may not be accepting applications today, they just may be in the near future unannounced.

Please refrain from messaging any companies for information about the application you submit with us here. It will go unanswered 

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Stage Axis Recruitment Team


Once you have completed the Applicant Profile form it will be uploaded into the the Stage Axis database. Your Stage Axis Applicant Profile containing your CV and media will be available for you to edit and update at any time. Allowing directors and company administrators access to up-to-date information about you in their own company database.

Please be sure to include recently filmed video and photos that accurately represent you and your current ability. It is strongly suggested you include video. (By strongly, We mean no one will want to look at your profile without one) 

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If you have questions or are experiencing any difficulties, please contact me personally here:

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